About Me!

Hi there! My name's Niraj, and I'm a Senior Animator for 38 Studios up in Maynard, MA. I work with an incredible team of artists, designers, and engineers to bring a special something we call Project: Copernicus to life.

Having the passion of Curt Schilling (Bloody Sock) as a driving force, the powerful story-telling ability of R.A. Salvatore (Drizzt) as our Creator of Worlds, and the insanely talented Todd McFarlane (Spawn) as our creative visionary...Copernicus is becoming an extraordinary world. I helped build the art team, created a few logo's/assisted with art design, but my main role is to collaborate with my fellow animators and create awesome animations. 

We strive for GGE...Greatest Game Ever. :-)

Before moving out to this frozen tundra, I spent close to 5 years in sunny San Diego where I worked for Sony Online Entertainment on EverQuest II and its first 3 expansions. I also had the great opportunity to help work on a PS3 launch title, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. In fact I actually started my gaming career for Sony Online Entertainment, but it was back in 2002 in St Louis, MO working on PlanetSide... labeled as the first MMOFPS. I made some of the greatest friends of my life at this company.

My first job in the animation industry was back home in Chicago fall of '99. I worked with an advertising/marketing group on graphic design, animated specials, and animated intro's for local tv stations.

Graduated back in the fall of '99 with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation.